What is this called?

I think that might be the flight management system

It’s a A320 cockpit.


Actually an A319 cockpit and he was talking about the FMS Panel😂😂💩 @DeltaVirtual :)

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in an Airbus, the FMC is known as an MCDU

Ahh I knew it :/

I love how the overhead on an Airbus is almost empty compared to a Boeing. Boeing for life :D

How do you know it’s a A319 and not a A318, A320 or a A321? Surely the whole point is that they have the same cockpit?

It is called an FMC

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Boeing: FMC - Flight Management Computer
Airbus: MCDU - Multipurpose Control and Display Unit

Hope this helps!


Exactly. Why do you think Airbus uses a joy stick for flying.

Because they are better - sidestick is a much better way for the pilots to control the aircraft.

Most likely because of the need for one hand on the throttle pre V1, and on short approach. Seems more logical if you ask me, less clutter.

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Max Sez… It’s a yellow circle! Next

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That is the flight computer. It helps with checklists, flight plans, and many more things.

Steven, it’s called Steven.

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Always thought it was called ’ George’

No, depends what you are asking for.
Some members are imagining names that don’t even exist.

By the way: FMS = Flight Management System. FMS is used for Boeing.
FMC = Flight Management Computer. FMC is used in flight simulators.

---------------- For Airbus --------------

FMGS, Flight Management and Guidance System: This is the name given to the entire system. This system has:

  • 2 FMGC: Flight Management and Guidance Computer. I won’t enter into high details (have to revise for my German test 😂)

  • FCU: Flight Control Unit.

  • 2 MCDU: MCDU is just the screen and the keyboard of the FMGC

  • 2 A/THR chanels (one for each FM)

  • And lot’s of other stuff but the most important are above.