Help! Xcub takeoff/landing

Help me, on takeoff and landing
No matter what I do, the cub keeps spinning out, I watched the Tutorials and I still can’t get it, any tips to not spin out?

What sorts of winds are you in?

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The cub can only fly in 12kts of winds or less, what are the winds like?

Winds right now are just at 2 knots

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I have to admit that I’ve never really flown X Cube. The only tips I can give you is that you rotate exactly at the rotation speed, because with GA you can spin very often if you are too fast on the runway. My second tip would be to use the rudder slowly and carefully so that you don’t oversteer and shoot out in the other direction.

Oh yes, it shouldn’t be too much wind either;)

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as @Jan_W said, don’t rotate too late if you’re doing that

Tilt your device up at all times so the back wheel does not rise, this will cause your plane to takeoff at stall speeds and then once your in the air tilt your device down to create speed. The reason your plane is going off the runway is because your back wheel is off the ground so you have virtually no rudder to control the plane stably try to keep the back wheel on the ground for as long as possible.

Cign :)
Anymore questions do ask!

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If the plane takes off at stall speed it is very hard to be affected by winds, at least for me anyway!

On takeoff: full back elevator and if crosswind stick into wind. Slowly increase to full throttle and slowly raise the tail, dont let it come up all of a sudden, and as your accelerating reduce amount of aileron into wind. Immediately when you notice small heading changes make aggresive not necessarily big rudder imputs but aggressively what it needs to stay on center line. Rotate and remove flaps when at safe airspeed.

On landing try to hold in no wind conditions 55 knots with 1 notch of flaps, some may say 3 and sure go for it if it works for you. But for the sake of this 1 notch flaps and at flare height remove a little throttle and arrest descent slowly aiming for good touch down. As soon as wheels touch power to idle and remove flaps while pushing forward to hold plane to runway. Dance on the rudder pedals abruptly as before to maintain centerline dont try to be graceful with the rudder. Slowly apply back pressure once slowed down to put tailwheel down.

and try not to hold rudder changes unless needed. Make changes and center and keep changes going as quick as needed

It’s two Methods, you can let the Tail go up in the air, then rotate, you do it by tilt your Device a little down, then you rotate

Correct! However I believe that is like what he is doing right now just because of how he explained it… I’m just trying to explain the other method. Cheers :)


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Oh, Yeah the method you talk about is the easiest.

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