Help With Winds


I’m flying Malta to London (and then London to New York) on a 767-300. I’m around the Toulouse area and the winds are at around 40 knots.

My plane is swerving like a seesaw (HDG set to 5 degrees), ground speed never goes above 245 knots, and my height keeps fluctuating up and down and doesn’t go above 36,000 feet.

But other people are flying close to me, and they seem to be unaffected. They’re flying at 500 knots and are maintaining a steady altitude and heading.

So, I have 2 questions;

  1. How do I keep my plane steady?

  2. How is everyone else not affected?

try to increase your speed, this usually will happen when your speed is way to low.

Also, it doesn’t affect other people most likely because they are going fast enough for the winds to not affect them. Just like how if you increase your speed, the winds won’t affect you.

That’s the problem. I can’t increase my speed.

try decreasing your weight

Is your throttle at 100%?

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What do you mean you can’t increase your speed, I’m having troubles understanding.

Can’t. Only lets me decrease weight when I’m on a tarmac.

Do you think I should do a fuel dump?

I’m at full throttle but my speed doesn’t increase.

Hmmm… if that’s the problem try deleting the app and reinstalling it or taking off with a lighter weight.

what exactly is your weight on takeoff?

That probably means you are too heavy. Try descending to a lower altitude.

Currently at 152,000 kilos. 52% load.

What altitude should I go to?

what altitude are you at?

I think I know what you are talking about. Is it similar to this type of movement?:

If so, just disable altitude modes of the autopilot, and manually stabilize the plane to prevent the oscillations. After it is stable, re-engage the autopilot. Let me know if this works; I’ve experianced this before too.

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At 36k feet right now.

that is puzzling, all your speeds indicate that you are stalling, but you can not speed up. do you have flaps down? spoilers extended? engines on?

I’m not stalling. My flaps are not down, my engines are at 100%, and I have flight spoilers extended.


So far their is no indication from speed that he is stalling. @Branta May I ask what your IAS and Mach number are?