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Hello I was flying earlier and my plane was flying normally in the 787-9 and I went up to fl 420 and I was flying at airspeed 320. And all of a sudden the plane was going up and down I had head wind of 22 kts. And then auto pilot disconnected and I got 2 violations for speed and one for aerobatics

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There’s not much you can do in this situation. If you can prove that these violations were as a result of an error with the app, absolutely message a moderator and they can assess the situation.

From what I hear though, you climbed to a relatively high altitude. Considering what you described, you stalled due to heavy weight.

Your best bet would be to step climb. I know, mini-mods classic line… step climb. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be TL358 to do it!

Check out this link.

I hope this helps!


Great thanks it’s just that when I have done jfk to Sydney I was at fl420

And I wasn’t stalling the speed was staying to same


Either way it’s important to make sure you aren’t climbing too high.

When you are at your selected cruise altitude, make sure your N1 isn’t over 95% as a general ground rule. This can help prevent stalls in the future.

Ok thanks…

Also do you know a moderator I’m not very familiar with them

This is the list of the moderators. You can message anyone based on their last seen! 😄

Great thank you so much

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Just a quick note, You can’t fly at FL420 since separation above RSVM airspace (>FL410) is 2000’. You should fly at FL430 instead.

Is that in the game or real life

It’s a real life procedure. Do the same in Infinite Flight if you want to be realistic.

You would want to step climb to this altitude, like the real QF7879 flight did to certain altitudes. It actually saves fuel rather than flying heavy directly up to this altitude and having to keep the throttle up. Wait until you are lighter and less prone to stalling so the autopilot can cope.

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I did keep lower till I was lighter

I think the best thing to do rsther than argue about this is for @Speed_bird_50 to share his replay of the flight via and then we can see precisely what happened.

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I have the yt video of the incident Infinite flight glitch maybe - YouTube

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You were flying much too slowly for that height. At FL420, the air pressure is very thin, and you reached less than M.50 at one point, which would be less than 200 knots at that altitude, putting you into a stall, which then forced the aircraft out of its parameters, and causing the autopilot to disengage. You can spot the FPV getting lower and lower, and the angle of attack slowly increasing up to the stall.


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