Help with VA routes

H! I am in the process of making a VA and I need routes, I have found routes for the VA I am starting bu there are 679 routes to be precise, and with school and everything else I have going on it will be really hard to do that at the same time. I don’t mind if no one says yes but it would really help, again I really don’t mind but I would really appreciate it! if you say yes tell my here and PM me or I will PM you.

many thanks!


Hello, What VA are you doing?

Cargolux VA, I

Hey man,

To be honest, and i speak with experience since i’m already the President of a VA that if you don’t have a lot of time it’s maybe not the best to start doing a VA, i’m not saying that you can’t do your VA but maybe wait a bit to be more able to work on it.

Also, for the routes, maybe you could look for a routes/flight manager that can help sort that for you and the VA ;)

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