Help with Va Base hosting

Hey guys

I was wondering if someone can help me get Va base up & running. I have contacted them now 5 days ago helping me with being able to use a website host to get up and running but they’re not responding. Does anyone have any experience & is willing to help?


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If you want to make a crew center, this series of tutorials should help.

Thank you very much 😁😁

Wait, one second. Do you mean the service VABase?
Like the website?

Yeah va base website 😁

All you need is a Web Hosting and buy subscription in VaBase. Then you received some files (API Key and etc.) to import your Web Host. Filezilla is very simple.

Once you get your files you have to download a web coding program like Microsoft Visual Code or PHPstorm.

Thank you. Just uploading my files now. Hopefully should work 😁

Did everything work?

I’ve had experience with VaBase before… It’s simple to set the site up but it’s another to customise it and find an API for it etc. VaBase hasn’t got the best customer service either, I found that they don’t respond after weeks.

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Yes it worked thank you. I’m currently using PHPVms now as VA base take years to reply. Thank you

Yes I agree. We pay all this money to them but they can’t respond to our help tickets which is a shame. I’m all set up with phpvms now

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