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Hi there guys, I am new to the forums and I recently joined because I want to become a expert air traffic controller :D. I have all the criteria necessary apart from being trust level 1. Can someone please help me understand what I need to do to become trust level 1. Thanks a lot -Ellis



You just have to stick around here, the community and contribute in a positive manner. (Like replying in topics, liking other’s posts, etc…). You are currently TL0 (new user). TL1 is the next Trust Level, aka basic user. Welcome to our community and let me know if you need any help.


Just be active, like post, be formal, but also use emojis like this to encourage excitement and feelings, yet keeping yourself on topic! 😃

You should become TL1 in the first or second day if you keep active. After around say… 7-10 days of regular activity (say Around 30 mins to an hour average) through out your day, you’ll easily become TL2 where you’ll have full access to the IFC’s website. (Except from a TL3 lounge, but that’s a lot of work, at least 100 days on the community, over an hour.)

I’m sure you’ll reach these in no time, and when the time comes, here’s the link to the IFATC application thread. You can also find these links in every IFATC weekly schedule. Good luck! 😆


No it will not, ifc uses other rules for TL1 2 and 3 than regular discourse communities, the mods haven’t announced the different requirements for trust levels

This can be a helpful link:

Welcome to the community!

Here are some links to get you started in the forum :)

looking forward to seeing you around the forum!


Thanks for the swift feedback guys :D

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By the way guys how do I know when it get it?

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On the notification, blue dot on top right on your profile will say earned basic

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