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Hi everyone,
Troubleshoot here wanting to say I have finally purchased a Live+ subscription. I have been playing on solo for about 8 months now, trying to just train and practice so when I went online I would be ready (I was told in the beginning to just practice on solo, I did not know there were training servers) so Today with the flightcast information in hand (I personally didn’t listen to it, just taking the comments into account) I have been hesitating to purchase a subscription to play but with no pricepoint of global i thought the best thing I could do is get Live + and hope I made the right decision. Well with my purchase the first thing I did was log into atc, absolutely love it & completed my first successful take off of a 777 with the name of Sam (pictures below) & completing my first flight from KGRF-KTIW in the Seattle, WA region. Well the problem was that with my first flight, I got a violation of landing a 787-9 @ KTIW. I understand there are restrictions but with my excitement I didn’t think about aircraft size and I dont understand what a voilation is. I am willing to learn, I am just asking for some tips and some pointers in the right direction of most restrictions, what violations do, & more. I want to thank Sam and the entire community for encouraging me to get live and move forward with my Infinite-Flight Experience. Any tips or advice would be great, thank everyone for being apart of this great community and safe landings!

Update: thanks for the replies, first of all I am new but not that new, I know somewhat of the basis of the forum and propper flight. The violation i got was the aircraft size not speed or any other violation idk how to tell the airport is too small for my aircraft @Blently & also i can land with only a -50fpm landing pulling barely .1G’s I can handle my aircraft appropriately without APPR @Aryan_Sharma thank you for the advice though.


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Hi, so a violation is basically a penalty that you’ll get by not following the rules/restrictions. It’s like going at 45 mph in a 25 mph zone and you get a citation.

Here are the restrictions by which you could get a violation if not followed.
Credit: Tyler Shelton

At the end the day (or days) they “disappear” (well technically they don’t) and you go back to normal.

I hope this answers your questions. :)


For landing 787 ,777 ,321, 320 ,318 ,319 you can also use ‘appr’ option

Thanks, guys.