Help with the Global Server

What do I have to do when is show a red Indication for the Global Server ?image


Make sure you have a strong connection to the internet. Most of the time it will resolve on its own.

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Every time I select my plane and airport I start the flight and the loading screen looks like this and it keeps loading forever does it have the internet problem.

The sim will connect to different ports throughout the app. You can try Cellular vs Wifi, reboot your device, reboot your wifi, try other apps like, etc.

You some cases you may need to get your network admin involved. We cannot troubleshoot issues with your firewall.

Are you on the latest version?

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From where is the app downloaded?

My app is downloaded from the App Store

I think I am in the latest Verizon


Can you go to Settings → About, tap & hold in the top left corner where it shows app version + device. After a few moments, you’ll be asked to send diagnostics information. Please do so and let me know when you have.

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I meant in the app, sorry :)

I sent it !

Tap & hold in the top left corner until it asks you to send diagnostics :)

I sent it !!

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Are you using a VPN or similar? How much storage is available on the device?

I am not using VPN

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Okay, maybe it will help to do actually. Are you on Mainland China?

I saw your available storage :)

No I am in New Jersey and I use Verizon

I have deleted some thing and now I have 14.11 GB available !