Help With The Descent Phase Of Flight

Hi, does anyone have a procedure to figure out how far out to decend. Thanks

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there are lots of threads on this very subject, have a quick search and you will find lots of them!

Below Vid from Capt Joe explains it in a nice easy way. Just remeber your 3 times table


I typically use ⅓ of cruise altitude to calculate distance to TOD. Example cruise FL270. TOD 270/3=90 nautical miles to destination is my TOD. Decent rate depends on Ground Speed.

yep thats a good Rule of Thumb. worth adding a bit to allow to slow down, especially if you are in in teh MD11 or the B777 as they are hard to slow down!

Again as a rule of thumb take your current Ground Speed, then take away your landing speed then devide the reminder by 10 and add that to your TOD distance.

IE @ FL370 , GS 525 kts

TOD = 370/3 = 123 NM
525 - 150 = 375/10 = 37NM

TOD = 123 + 37 = 160nm from destination

You can find lots of free app for decent calculation if you don’t want to calculate by yourself also let you play with vertical speed.

This is from android store.


Recent topic on this subject.


Thanks guys

I typically use the formula

FL of Cruise - Desired FL / 3

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I imagine, based on the setup, that this is the math behind the calculator posted above by @GatwickGuy


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