Help with the basics, part 2.

Hi, after posting my first request for help to get the basics about descent and landing, now I need help finding the formula for the glideslope, the altitude in which I have to be to intercept the glideslope, and how do I mantain the glideslope.

Which distance in NM should I have to start my final approach and at which speed?

I know that the Descent Point is calculated by doing {[(ALTitude-descente target)/1000]x3}, the Descent Rate is calculated by doing [(Ground Speed/2)x10].

Thank you all.

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Maintain the glideslope by adjusting your VS 700-900 fpm (based on 3 degrees glideslope).
Speed 170-180 KIAS when reach the beginning of ILS path. At this point, usually you are about 10 NM from runway and altitude 2500-3000 feet AGL.
During approach, maintain 2-3 degrees pitch up attitude.
Check out some briliant tutorials for more!


Again as a rule of thumb, but it works 9 out of 10 times on most of the jets I fly on IF:

When I am 12nm to go I plan to be at 3000ft at about 140-160 kts (depending on the aircraft), I want to be in near landing config by this stage, so FLAPS Full and Spoilers set to auto. Next set the ALT to about 1300, with a low VS until I capture the glidescope and increase the VS as needed. Around 1500 I go to ‘hand flying’, but keep the Auto Throttle on till about 500ft.

hope that helps?

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Altitude aside, whilst that works as you say it is configuring a little early. Generally when you intercept the localiser you would be at ~190kts & Flaps 5, then further slow with more flaps and gear once you are fully established. The aim is to be fully configured by 4 nm from touchdown.

As noted you can even do this later in a low drag approach and maintain 190kts until 4 DME, then move to get fully configured.

Nothing wrong essentially with slowing and configuring early when you first try just so you can take this slowly. The issue is really if you are flying with others around it makes it more difficult to maintain separation on the approach as others may not be doing 140-160kts from 12nm out.

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Meant to add, remember to lower your undercarriage and also check your weight and balance so that you are below MLW (normally adjust this at TOD but double check before I get on final!)