Help with the A380!

Hey IFC so i need help with the Whale/A380 so Tonight i was going to do a 16 hour flight from Australia to the USA and my load was 105. Take off was good then i got to FL7000 and i was losing speed and then i just got so lost and my vs was 1400 the it was vs 500 and then i turn off ap and the plane went into the sea.

So could some expert in the IFC who knows lots of the A380 help us


Did you retracted the flaps?

Do you mean 7000ft or 700,000Ft?

Was your throttle at 100% when you were losing speed?
Are you 100% sure that all engines were on and running?


what were your winds ?

I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean 700,000 ft…

105 load is very heavy for the A380. You also have to take into consideration your angle of attack.
The more weight, the higher angle of attack required in most cases.

You shouldn’t ever take off over the MTOW.


he probs made a bank angle … and than it happend

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Yeah bro when that also really so in the real world they dont do that?

13 knots mate

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Yes i did was it a bad idea

I just want to know how to fly this and stuff so cheers boys any other tips from any experts of the a380

This usually happens when you overspeed the flap limits.

Here are the A380 Flap limits


Yeah especially if you’re so heavy, you shouldn’t retract them too early.

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Alright cheers this will help Thanks

Oh yeah dang alright cheers

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These are landing and descending limits but I always take off on flap position 1F and rotate at about 159 knots, retract the gears when you have a positive climb, retract the flaps to position 1 when at 200kts and then fully retract the flaps to 0 when at 245kts

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What has been your max load

Why cant i take off over MTOW i had lots of paxs and fuel and cargo maybe to much paxs

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MTOW = Maximum Take Off Weight.

This means the aircraft is too heavy to take off; the engines cannot produce sufficient thrust to keep you in the air. Always make sure to take off below MTOW. In Infinite Flight, if you view your load, anything below MTOW will be in orange or green text and weight above MTOW will be red. Orange text means you’re above Maximum Landing Weight (MLW), so you should either dump fuel or circle around to make sure your weight is below MLW (will be in green text) before landing.


The A380 must have a very calm climbing slope, especially when you are off for a long haul. Please also check your weight of your a/c before taxi so as to ensure it is lower than the MTOW.

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Cheers bro just i think it went to MTOW becuase i had about 17 hours of feal lots of paxs and cargo maybe put down the cargo or somthing but cheers bro

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