Help with the A220

Hey! I’m trying the A220 and for me is pretty difficult to climb without stalling, specially in high altitude airports. ¿Can someone say me why this happens and how can I fix it?

I’m using 50% load, Flaps 2, 35% Trim, T/O PWR 80%, Rotating at around 130Kts, pitching for 15%.

Thanks :).


Check out this topic as a reference to start from. You may wanna bump up the numbers a notch, at high altitude airports. It seems that your power is a little too low and your flaps could be more extended, for airports of high elevation.

In addition, you may also want to consult the charts of the airports you’re flying from, and see if they have any special procedures as high-altitude airports.

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I’m no pro, but it sounds like your takeoff power is a little low and you are rotating a bit too early.

Try 30% trim and 85% take off power and rotate at a higher speed around 135-140kts.

100% TO power, flaps 2/3, no trim, rotate 170-180kts at a 10 degree pitch. If you rotate at too high a pitch with too little power you’re obviously gonna stall, moreso at the higher altitude airports because the oxygen is thinner, and the engine cannot create enough thrust to keep you going.

Just check out the tutorial @CaptainSooraj shared above and look no further. That should set you up for success.

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Pretty Unrealistic but it’s your way to flying so I can’t say anything.


Hi there,
The a220 actually is weight limited at high altitude airport. 15% is too high in my view. You may want to try this litle file of mine, seems to work good for me :

Try 90% power start off with a pitch of 10 and gain speed then pull up to 15, Manet try 10 to 15% trim.

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