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Hey guys,

I’m wanting to do a flight from Hong Kong to Toronto and I want to step climb along the way. Is there any advice to set it up because I put the step climb heights next to certain waypoints along the way and yet it doesn’t climb for me. Therefore I end up manually doing it and using more fuel.

Any help would be appreciated.


VNAV is only available for descent at the moment. However, if you are willing to pay some money, the IF Assistant app can be programmed to automatically climb for you whilst you are away - do keep in mind that you are still responsible for separation, and that you run the risk of receiving violations.


I’ve got the Infinite Flight Assistant app already, I’ve looked at the option on there but I didn’t know how to work it?

When you enter a flight, it should sync the flight plan to the In-Flight Assistant app. If you open that in split screen, you should be able to set altitudes.

Do keep in mind it is not included in the base app, it requires a separate in-app purchase to be activated.

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oh, I did not know this was a thing!

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If you want to learn more about step climbs, DeerCrusher made a fantastic guide which is now available in the Infinite Flight Flying Guide. Even if you use In-Flight Assistant to do the work for you, it’s a great source to learn about what’s actually happening and how to best optimize it. Additionally, you can vote for VNAV for climb/cruise in the feature request that I’ve linked down below.


So I’ve gone onto the app and done a quick flight plan and added the altitudes onto the Infinite Flight Assistant app and what do I do after that? Will it automatically do it for me?

If you’ve got everything set up, it should work just fine.

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Thanks I appreciate your help

Also what does the bell icon do? It either has a red line through it or I can click it off?

I don’t know at the moment…don’t have access to the app to see what you’re referring to.

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