Help with some best routes with best scenery to do charter flight in Europe with Challenger 35

Hello everyone I need some help here, I wanna find a good charter flight around Europe which is a short haul with nice scenery, is there possible options to give some routes.

@Anshul28 I think it’s Ryanair right😁

I personally love the swiss alps, so I’d fly LIMC-LSZC

I flew from Dublin to Newcastle in the same livery

Thanks Mats I’ll try it out

Oh great…how was your flight

Do they have Nav1’s

It was good

Got @Anotherpilot77 and @Clement_Noel to help with atc

Have some good ones on here!

Ahhhhh thanks delta

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One of my absolute favorite routes is Sion - Innsbruck!
offers both stunning scenery and challenging flight conditions on both departure and arrival!

i’m not IFATC yet, i can help you only on training for the moment