Help with setting up a Virtual Airline

So I am working on making a va. I need help with the website,applications,rankings,pilot handbooks,and flight logging. I dont know how to do this stuff and I really need someone that does to help me. So please pm me if you know how to do this stuff and want to help.(MODS OR ADMUNS DELETE IF NOT ALLOWED.)

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Check this post out and you should be fine! You must be TL2 to create a VA, you are TL1.

Correct me if i’m wrong, but I think this should be under the VA category.

@Dylan_M I have read this and done this but I cant get stuff made good. I have stuff but bad.

Sorry, but in order to make a VA, you should be TL2. You are currently TL1.

I’m getting it set up for when i reach tl2

Gonna send you a PM explaining how all that works :-)

PM the maker of the topic @Dylan_M and I linked. I’m sure they can help you.

Already have stuff made but no way to keep track of flights or flight time per pilot and the website is horrible and the application is bad.

You could use spreadsheets and a google forms to log flights.

I did but still not official like fdxv or swva and their pilot center

OP does not currently meet Trust Level to post in category. And it appears help is already been given though PM.