Help with scenery issue

I restarted the app, cleared my scenery cache and set all graphics and object densities to high then back to my usual(all low). Despite this EDDM was just a satalite image for my landing. Whats odd is it loaded in initially, but after executing a missed approach it disappeared and never reappeared. Is there anything else I can do to resolve these issues. I have a sufficent amount of storage kn my device and my Internet easily is 100mbps download speed.

This is happening without fail on 9 out of 10 flights, even after following all the advice i outlined above.

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Maybe this will help.



Thanks for the suggestion but I’ve already triend everything suggested in that topic.

Agreed! No idea why but I suspect it’s a problem beyond our control. You will notice that if you fly out of the scenery ‘area’ for want of a better term (basically fly until the airport is gone) and fly back in to it, it can rectify the problem. It seems to me therefore that it’s not a device issue and somehow related to data not being received when flying into that block. The airport being there or not is completely random for me and not related to traffic levels. If that makes any sense lol. EDDM never loads lol.

This is, of course, just my speculations but I have the exact same issues you described and they aren’t fixable on the device it seems.

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It’s such a shame, considering we pay to play the game as well. I understand its probably not a trivial issue to fix but I’m hoping some mods see this and offer some clarity on a hotfix of some sort.

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