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When I first downloaded infiniteflight I had face book now since my job I had to delete it and it’s asking me to authenticate my account and I can’t because of a lack of face book is there anyway to take what I have and attach it to my gmail


I’m sure a member of staff can help you with this

You can sign up using google account I believe or direct through the infinite flight website :)

Ask the staff for a shifting process you may lose data

Yeah I don’t want to lose anything

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Visit: then use “Contact Support”
Provide the user name (not email) last used call sign, and complete receipt for the subscription purchase from your store. I’ll attempt to transfer to your new account credential.

It is not recommended to transfer, but it can be done. Just understand there is risk of losing some or all previous data. It’s a small risk, but it’s possible.

The safest option is to not transfer and recover the original credential account you had used if possible.

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at least something is better than nothing

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