Help with plane turns during lift off

Every time I take off in wind, everything does fine untill it’s time to lift off the runway. When I lift off, the plane ALWAYS turns in the direction the wind I comming from, and always lifts the wing closest to the wind. This is very annoying and unprofessional. How do I keep the plan in the center line when I lift off the runway to keep it from turning? Also, the yoke doesn’t help, and i don’t know how much rudder to use in corrolation to the wind speed and direction. Any tips?

Use rudder

As you pull up slowly input rudder away from the wind to keep your nose pointing down the runway. You might need some aileron into wind.

There’s no way of knowing before you rotate how much rudder you will need, but keep practicing and you’ll start to get an idea.

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But i dint know how much rudder force to apply

Ok thank you

I recommend to take some time and watch this video:

After some time you’ll get better and better. To expedite your progress I recommend doing patterns at a windy airport. :)

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What you’re experiencing is called “weathervaning”. The wind hits the side of the plane, and pushes on it. It will apply more force to large, flat surfaces… like the rudder! The wind will push the rudder along, and your nose will turn toward the wind, just like a weathervane on a barn.

The best way to counteract this on the ground with rudder. Apply enough rudder to counteract the force of the wind, and keep you on the centerline. This will take some trial and error!

Once you rotate and take off, lower the wing that is facing the wind by a couple degrees, and slowly return the rudder to neutral. You’ll be a pro in no time!


All of the ideas above are great ways to combat wind during takeoff. Something that could help enhance theses would be to take off at a slightly faster speed to give you more maneuverability and power during liftoff.

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