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Hi Everyone.
When I plan a fight from my home airport to my destination airport everything goes well. But I have a straight white line coming from the airport going into a different direction.and as I get close to the runway the plane wants to got off course.
Help Me …
John Martinelli


Could you provide a screeshot please, might be easier to visualize your issue.

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Maybe turn off autopilot when approaching? I can’t think of a way the plane will act on its own when AP is off. It’s more fun as well

Mind providing a screenshot so we can analyze your issue in a better way?

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Is this part of the arrival/approach procedure? Often they also include one waypoint resembling a fix of the missed approach procedure. If this is the case, I would recommend either removing that waypoint in advance, hand flying before reaching it, or if possible using NAV1/APPR mode.

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