Help with my subscription

Tried contacting a mod 3 days ago about this but never got a response. Anyways I was trying to cancel my subscription before it renewed but now it did. I have an IPad Air 4 and when I go on the app store or settings my IF subscription doesn’t come up or give me a way to cancel it. Please help, thank you.


There’s a reason it says in the Support FAQ that subscription queries etc are handled via email primarily. And you PMed me 1 day ago ;)

If you’re unable to see your subscription on your device, it’s most likely due to you purchasing the subscription through a different Apple-ID.

If possible, the best option would be to check the receipt which you receive via email from the store upon purchase and see which Apple-ID that are shown there.

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The problem is the device with that old Apple ID broke so I no longer have it.

The only way you can cancel the subscription is through the other Apple-ID.
There are different ways of doing so and you can find more information about that below:

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(post deleted by author)

Kinda weird how people jump into other people’s support topics to make fun of them.


Dude, I’m not dumb, it literally doesn’t pop up anywhere on the iPad.

yea i deserved that

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at least you apologized, that’s what matters.

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If you can’t figure it out, this seems more like an Support thing than an IFC thing, so try contacting Support.

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