Help with my Grade Account

I do not understand nor cant find a reason why i got downgraded to Grade 2. I have not received any violations in the past 6 months and cannot find any logs that shows any either. I pay every month for this game and need this fixed ASAP if not i will find myself forced to discontinue my membership.

Please help

My handle name is Cpt HEN

Hi, would you be able to send a screenshot of your grade table please?

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Sure thing. Its attached and those 6 violations I am Seeing not sure where they come from. I have gone half of my logs and no reports nor violations

You have too many reports in the last year. Once it’s been a year since you got that last report, you’ll be grade 3 again. To see the flight where you got the report, look into your logbook and it will have it in the notes. You can also send a message to @reports if you wish to inquire about a report you got.

Your oldest report was on June 2nd 2019 5:21:33 AM UTC. this year on June 2nd it will fall off.

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Oh wow. Then I guess I will be back in June. I will have to cancel my membership for now

Maybe take this as a learning experience. You received 6 repots in less then a year. Why not check #tutorials and learn where you went wrong. There’s nothing wrong with flying on the training server or even casual for that matter.

From when I fly on the train server I feel it is still a good option. I have seen very good flying and ATC. Before doing that just take a few flights on the training server.

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