Help with my device

When I fly to a busy airport, for example, Los Angeles (KLAX) begins to run slower my s7 edge, any advice?

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Try lowering your graphics settings and airplane count

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Tanks I’ll try

Clearing cache usually helps with it. The S7 can run the game on high graphics no problem so you don’t necessarily have to lower graphic settings.

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Me too especially when landing on EGLL training. Lowering graphics and airplane count helps a little but it’s still laggy compared to normal conditions.

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Have you tried disabling Anti-aliasing as well, together with the frame limiter? Mind though that this way your phone might consume more battery and can easily get very hot!

Other option would be this:

Or if it has the Game tools, change it to Performance Mode!

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Try to clear cache, delete apps that you don’t use and low your graphics.

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Have a look at this thread, S7 edge is there as well! You shouldn’t have any issues on high settings, according to the report.


Tanks , but I need all my apps.

Thank you! I’ll clear the caché

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