Help with my crew centre

Please if anyone knows about coding and websites please PM me ASAP

What exactly do you need help with? Can you expand?

I can code alot with html, CSS, java script and php but if you want me to code a crew Center for you I am not availble. Use the tutorials made by Velocity23

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@anon41771314 is the man 🙂

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ok thanks, I will PM him

no, I did everything but this is just the problem

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You will need to file out a form, he won’t read your PM

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oh ok thanks

You aren’t using CSS.

Here, you just used HTML, but if you want colours, and nice formatting etc. You’ll need to use CSS.

Drop me a PM if you want me to make a website for you. :)

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You May got the CSS file in the wrong folder when you uploaded it.

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What exactly is the CSS file am using

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CSS is a programming language, is stands for Cascading Style Sheets

I’m in contact with the OP, it looks like some sort of error has been thrown that’s causing the CSS not to load.


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