Help with loss connection after installing IF assistant

I just purchased IF Assistant and got it to work in IF Live. However when I go to another app while letting IF run in the background, I lose connection to IF when I return to it. Only started happening after I bought IF assistant.

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Do you mean like Live connection or does the app restart?

I still can fly but without connection to live(as in fly solo)

It is normal for the app to lose connection to the server if you exit for a period of time.

If you exit for a longer period of time the app will close and restart when you go back to it.

Infinite Flight can’t run in the background, it requires an internet connection.


I was just about to say ^

I should say the app would pause when I leave it, but I could always resume where I left off(even connect back to live server) after 8 hours of sleep and my phone is locked on the bedside.

This would of most likely been before they changed and added global. You use to be able to do this, but now Infinite Flight requires an active internet connection at all times.

I was able to do it yesterday…

If it’s for a few seconds you should be fine.

Android however kills background processes. That applies to IF as well.
To prevent IF from shutting down, you should allow the app to run in the background as well.

Just follow the connection guide in the Android topic of IF-A and apply the settings to both IF and IF-A.

Hope this helps!

Unfortunately this can’t be helped. It can be slightly annoying, but as Infinite Flight requires a constant connection to the internet, if you exit the app for longer than a few seconds, your device will kill the background processes (to keep your device working in tip top shape).

I don’t think it will have just started, it is most likely that you have just noticed it, and blamed it on IF Assistant. We all make mistakes! Anything else, just let us know :)


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