Help With Long Hauls

Understood, I just took off using a 787 and will end the flight right before I sleep and then start another one, what altitude would you recommend?

Are u having tail winds or head winds?

If you’re asleep, you might as well just turn your brightness down and leave it going overnight. In terms of altitude, I wouldn’t recommend any higher than FL360 depending on your weight.

You should be fine, as long as you have enough fuel to last until you wake up, you shouldn’t need to worry


Waking up in the morning to land is risky if you’re flying KJFK EGLL. The flight is so short and the winds so unpredictable that you end up landing after 5 hours.
Then you wake up to a speed violation.

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Ur right, but I did not add JFK-LHR in the list of long hauls. In addition what I do when I fly from JFK-LHR I just depart in the morning and arrive in the afternoon, because is not that long of a flight but at the same time a long flight

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For the 787, I recommend FL360-410. For heavy loads use 360 or 370. Only go up to 400 or 410 if you’re light. In case ATC tells you to climb, you still have margin if you’re flying the 8 or 9. The service ceiling is FL431, but I don’t recommend this unless necessary. On long flights, remember to step climb! Also follow RVSM rules.

Yes since the speed violation thing has happened to me a lot.

Good point. Not even on training. Why?

  • You will get violations.
  • I’m one of those people who hates trolling a lot and I always go spotting for fails to put on Humorous Live Photos. You’re not lucky if I put a picture of you on the thread.
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I would suggest, as other people probably already suggested you above, to fly overnight on casual server, so that:

  1. You can have a long flight time
  2. You can avoid violations
  3. You can sleep IRL while flying IG

Depending on how long you’re used to sleep, try to find a route that suits your sleep schedule well when it comes to time, and file a plan via Just fly until cruise altitude and then go to sleep!

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Here I am.

First your gonna want to analyze and plan your flight plan to match your flying time. If you plan on overnighting, make the flight plan equal to your sleeping time.

If you ever go to bed, make sure the simulator is dimmed. Night Time (in IF) and dimming your device should help.

It’s also recommended that if you are going to fly a smaller plane on a long route (Max. 757) please check winds before flying!

You should do number 3 with any aircraft as well.

I crashed and I’m not even 5 hours in… :(

what route and aircraft

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disregard last message, I did a few long hauls and it worked, I got my hours!

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A long one is Dubai to Honolulu. No pax or cargo, full fuel A380.

Also can you send a screenshot of your grade table?

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