Help With Long Hauls

  1. Start with an aircraft that doesn’t require much ram, like the A359 or 787.
  2. Reduce screen brightness.
  3. Prepare at least 1h of extra fuel.
  4. Use to create flight plan, fuel, weight and altitudes.
  5. Use IF Assistant to help you calculate V1, VR & V2.
  6. Also use IF Assistant to help you step climb. (Step climbing is extremely important for long / ultra-long haul flying!!)

Here’s some link to help you with it:


@M1llard He gave you some recommendations in case you make your long-distance flights !.

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Ah, so from the morning to night, many do it right before they sleep but you leave your device occupied, that might actually seem way better for me.

Is there a tutorial on this aswell? And thanks!

it is simple!. you don’t need a tutorial I would say! and if I’m not mistaken about the change in altitude, it can be done manually! or with an external application of Infinite flight. which is In-Flight Assist.

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I’ll find the link from AppStore.

Edit: Here’s the link, ‎In-Flight Assistant on the App Store


To help you pick a flight route:How to Find a Route to Fly

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Okay, let’s start with the simplest - KJFK EGLL:

You’re on training, right?

You don’t really have to enter many waypoints since after you enter the KJFK SID, it’s the oceanic track right ahead. Just press add to FPL on the track letter (X, Y, Z)
and it will lead you across the ocean. Then, when you see the EGLL STAR, it is already very close to where the track ends. Just press that, select approach and voila, your flight plan is done!

Flying tips: I recommend the A350 or 777. Just follow instructions, fly properly (don’t violate any rules) and you’ll be on your way! Whatever you do, don’t panic!
I hope this has been useful.


I think he means 10h+ flights, not 6h ones.

What i did whilst I was getting to grade 3 was whilst I was out in the day, I’d takeoff before I left the house, didn’t make a flight plan, I set my latitude and just kept it going until I needed to use my device again in the evening.

You can track your flight on liveflight whilst you’re out to make sure you’re still in the air.

Hope this helps.

As a quick side note, when you do eventually make it to the expert server, make sure you know exactly how to use ATC to avoid violations.

Good luck!

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I just fill up a 77L with max fuel, climb to 29000 on my secondary device, and see how long it flies for, you don’t even need to land it. I don’t do this anymore though.

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I don’t think long hauls are the best for gaining XP. I suggest you hop in an F-22 on casual at KEDW and pile up those landings. As for the XP and hours, just do normal flights.

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I like where you’re going with this, basically, you suggest I get any aircraft, take off, get to some altitude on a certain speed and leave the device as it is? And if I end the flight the hours count?

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Yeah thats what I did. Just make sure you have enough fuel or else it could end badly haha!

Let me know how you get on!

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Wait, so I have to land for the hours to count?

No, you don’t have to land for the hours to count.

From the second you leave the runway to the second you end the flight, your miles will be added unless you crash

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Hey! If you just need XP you can just hop on a casual server and spawn on a airport with parallel runways, example, KLAX, EGLL, KMIA, KFLL, KMCO, KJFK, KDFW, etc. and keep taking off and landing various times and you will accumulate
up landing and tons of XP.

If you rather go with 10+ hours Long/Ultra Hauls you can go with the easy ones first, maybe RJTT to KLAX/ YSSY to KLAX/ YSSY to RJTT. What I do when I do long hauls I just take off during the night (in real life) and go to sleep, and when I wake up and I keep monitoring my flight until I land.

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crash as in app or crash in airplane goes boom?

Both, the miles are only counted when yoy press end flight

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Understood, I just took off using a 787 and will end the flight right before I sleep and then start another one, what altitude would you recommend?

Are u having tail winds or head winds?