Help with LiveFlight - has trouble connecting

Hello again everyone,
I bought a Thrustmaster T. Flight Hotas X joystick several months ago, but I’ve been having trouble getting a stable connection going with Infinite Flight.
I’ve installed LiveFlight on an Aspire E15 laptop and connected it to the same WiFi network in my home as the iPad Air 2 I’m using. I plug in the joystick to the laptop, then open LiveFlight. I then open Infinite Flight on the iPad. (And yes, I do have the correct box checked in Settings; I forgot what it’s called, I think it’s called LiveFlight Connect.) LiveFlight just won’t connect to IF, it’s always stuck on the gray-ish menu that says “Waiting to Connect” or something similar. I’ve restarted IF and LiveFlight several times, as well as restart the iPad and laptop, but without any results.
However, the whole system works instantly without problems once I connect the iPad and laptop to an iPhone hotspot and try it then.
I’m not quite sure what’s happening, but I do have one theory. Maybe there are too many devices on the home WiFi network, so LiveFlight has trouble discovering Infinite Flight?
I’ve tried to get it to work at separate times throughout the past several months, and the last time I attempted it was likely around a month ago. Does anyone have any suggestions about things I should attempt to fix this issue? I’m out of the house at the time I’m writing this, so any suggestions may have to wait a few hours until I get back home.
I’ll provide specific technical information upon request.


It’s likely that the ports are either being blocked on your home router, or that you have a WiFi extender that’s not transferring the data packets correctly.

Also double check you have public/private networks enabled for LiveFlight Connect in your firewall :)


I had this problem as well.

I uninstalled LFC, removed the app from the “allowed firewall apps”, re-installed LFC and made sure to allow for Public & Private network.

Seems to have resolved the issue! Hope that helps …

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I do have both enabled. I think.
I’ll check again.
(btw we don’t have any WiFi extenders.)

By the way, I think the problem isn’t with the network. I’ve mirrored the iPad screen to that laptop before without any major problems.

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