Help with learning ATC @ KDEN

If anyone is interested in popping over to KDEN to help me…id appreciate it, I’m just trying it learn the ropes of being an ATC… :)

And I’m heading back in…sorry for those who were rudely out in Unicom because of my abrupt departure. I had a crisis to deal with, but I am back and will be controlling for practice tonight. See ya there :)

I’m coming :)

Right now? I can do a few patterns

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What happened there? @SkyHighGuys


That was you as ROB? :)

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Sorry I had to depart

I have the rest of the night so if ya’ll are interested I’m going to be at KDEN for a couple of hours

Can you switch airport. My kden isnt open.

How is it not open? Can’t you just go to PG and to Denver co and tap on it??

No i cant. I didnt purchase this airport. Sorry, let me know what works.

Yup, dat me

Haha nice Northwest!

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You interested in continuing or done for the night?

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Stand by 03188

I’m done, I can not fly that 742 for some reason. Oh well, I’ll stick to my 777 and 748

😭😭 come baaaaack

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