Help with landing stat

I did a flight earlier on grade 1 after being sent down and after I landed and taxiied in, it didn’t count for my 90 day stats. How do i fix that?

Apple iphone 8
*Most newest update


Unfortunately there’s no record of that flight except you spawning in. The session lasted less than 1 minute (41 seconds to be precise).

So unfortunately there’s no fix. You most likely disconnected after a short time for unknown reason.

No that isn’t correct, according to my logbook it isn’t their which isn’t fair as I did a flight this morning for around a hour from CYVR-VYYC and it doesn’t show which it shows, please help.

logbook has sections for offline flights and online flights so you probably just got disconnected from the server in the beginning

I have been finding this too.

Just completed a flight from EGLL-BIRK and although it wasn’t the prettiest, I landed and it hasn’t counted. 🙄

If you could kindly please post a screen shot of page 1 of your logbook, as well as the top of your replay history, it would be appreciated.

Sorry to say but this may actually be the reason. For example, for a landing to be counted you must touchdown at what is the actual runway. Not the threshold area or on the side of the runway.

In all cases I’ve reviewed the past year regarding complaints about landings not being counted, there’s not been any error.

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Are you sure it wasn’t a Solo flight? Because the one I’m referring to which was also your only session from earlier today started at CYYJ.

I’ll just have to try harder next time haha. Thank you for getting back to me.

Blue skies.

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