Help with ILS appr

I need some help…whenever I come for an ILS appr to an airport with ILS… I’m never aligned to center line and always end up touching down on the touchdown zone square… although I have changed the source to Nav-1 …how to fix that??

When do you usually turn on your APPR before landing ?

You need to make sure that you are not too off course when initiating APPR mode.

Hi, if you want to compare what you are doing wrong with this video made by Tyler it could help: if you can’t figure it out then feel free to ask more questions

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Well…I don’t I handfly but with heading,LNAV on AP…should I …I try using it on short finals but my plane just flares too much…so should I?? P.S I’m kinda a noob so some problems;)

Make sure that you arm it early before , because If you do it too soon you might align with the localizer , but not with the glide scope . I think you should go over the video the kind guy posted above about the APPR mode.

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Thanks I’ll surely do that


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