Help with IFAssistant disconnecting

Hello guys I downloaded yesterday IFASSISTANT.
But I noticed that it keeps disconnecting after a while, I know that there is a few topics about that but they were already closed and I couldn’t ask any questions about it so I thought on doing a new one because I have a Samsung S6 all updated and I want to know if you guys can help me out figuring what’s wrong because my internet connection it’s good and before I installed IFAssistant I did not have any problems with connection until now.

Strange. This has never happened to me so far. How long was the flight you were doing?

Believe it or not, I’m also having the same problem, when I do flights with IFA after a while, the whole game stops, and I initially thought it was a problem with IF, but after several attempts, I realized that the game only disconnect when I am using IFA, if someone can help us with this I would appreciate it.

Hey guys, if you take the problem to the specific page of either android or IOS, @Jan, @Jeno_Farkas or @epaga himself can help with any issues you will have. here are the thread links

hope this helps

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This happens to me too unfortunately.
This happens when your device runs out of RAM to run IF-A so it needs to close it.

Make sure no other tabs are open. If it still happens, contact a developer, not a moderator, as they will simply redirect you to a developer (it is third party software)


Actually I just took off and like 3 minutes after that