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Do you have to be signed in to IF to have physical airports? If you could please reply to me I would really appreciate it


First welcome to the community and what do you mean physical airports

Welcome to the community! No, IF does currently not have any 3D modeled airports, even with the pro subscription. The subscription does include access to all aircraft, live mode and more. :)

Oh that’s what you mean and no there aren’t any terminals or pushback tugs but if you want that in the game vote here. 3D Buildings

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First, welcome to the community. We’re glad to have you 😁

Please explain or rephrase that as the majority are confused on what you said. If English is not your first language we are happy try to translate for you.

Are you asking do you have to be signed in for Airports to show up?

Never mind

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New User asks question

  • 4 users: „Welcome to the Community!“
  • 3 users: „What do you mean?“

Then 1 user seems to answer the question. And within 60 minutes after the answer another user just comments basically the same while again another user asks “What do you mean?” again?

Come on guys… If a question is answered and you don’t have anything different to contribute just wait for OP to reply. Maybe his question is solved. You won’t get to TL2/3 any faster that way.


I used to like the support section and try to figure out what’s the actual problem but after seeing too many reboot, reset, cut and paste scripts, I’m just watching them unfold now days :) (we can only wish resetting device could fix 99% problems)

Problem solved?

He asked if he got pro subscription would they be physical buildings. And everyone answered him with no and he put “never mind”

So ya. Problem solved !

I wasn’t sure about the physical buildings. That’s why I asked. Didn’t mean to bombard him with another question.

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That’s fine! I saw you asked so I was like let me quickly reply that you having to wait

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