Help with Grade advancement

How do I level up my grade to be able to use the whole app? What flights are best for earning xp

Hello, welcome to the community! I recommend hoping in the XCub and taking it for a spin at an airport like KEDW, which has a massive 30,000-foot runway. You can easily get five landings in one direction and keep repeating as necessary. That will boost your XP and landings big time!


Hey and first off welcome! and second off, to gain XP its all about time and landings the more time you have in a flight the more XP you get and if you (hopefully) land that will gain you around 500XP i believe, so just keep flying often and you will be in the next grade in no time! also like @Z-Tube said, touch and goes are easy XP grinding, I never did it so took me a little longer.

Just take in mind that you must have at least 30 seconds in between each landing for each one to count.

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