Help with global

I buyed globel and now i have all of the aircraft but how do i buy one permently

Sign out, and then purchase an aircraft, but you can’t buy global forever

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Sorry, it’s a Subscription. There is no option for a one time purchase. There’s only the option to renew the Sub once it expires

As for buying aircraft permanently, as stated above, sign out and buy whatever airplane you want, but that means once you sign out of your account, no more Global until you sign back into the account.

Yes but i am not talking about globel i am talking about buying a aircraft permently

As you have bought global there really isn’t any need to buy planes separately as you unlock every plane when buying a pro subscription. Though this is only for the period you have pro.

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Try doing what I said :) that’s how you buy a plane and get it forrrrrreeeeevvvvver