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Hey all.
So I’m flying from YSSY to EGLL, and I’m currently between WATT and YPDN, I’ve got an ETED of 15:45, my load is 64% (208000KG), I’ve got 73% fuel (73900KG) left to get to EGLL. I’m flying a 787-9, cruising at 36000 feet. ETED says I won’t make it, however I filled up to 100% fuel, taxied with only 1 engine, refueled prior to takeoff, etc, so in theory I should be able to make it. But will I?


Yes. The 787 burns significantly less fuel at the final phase of ultra long haul flights. You will be totally fine.


I did it multiple time but in the other direction LHR-SYD and most of the time I had enough fuel left to go to Auckland.

Same settings as you, one engine taxi out and refuel before departure

Even if it says I only have 11:30 hours of fuel left?

Yes. Go to sleep or whatever and check after 6 or so hours, you’ll be fine.

Don’t worry, nothing will happen just continue the flight where are you flying rn I am also going the same route with a a359

You’ll be fine. The fuel remaining time calculation is based off of the current thrust setting. As you burn fuel, you’ll get lighter, and the engines won’t ha e to produce as much thrust as they did before.

You should be just fine, it seems like you have enough to make it!

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When you fly right away to FL360 is a bit high when you fully loaded (MTOW) Plus it is normale that the ETE says that you won’t make it in the first few hours especially on a extreme long flight like this. But later in the flight it wil chance, you wil make it I have flew that route before.

I find that while ETED says you can’t make it, most of the times you actually will. The 787 also generally uses less fuel during descent, so you should be good. I actually also find that for the first couple hours of the flight the fuel prediction stuff with fluctuate.

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In short yes ive just finished OEJN-CYYZ 12H38M around 6k plus nms i had 70%fuel for starters i made it with 3% left i trust the 789…

Maybe this site can help you a bit, Infinite Flight FPL Converter (

According to my SimBrief that’s about 20:30 in the air. I calculated the theoretical max flying time as 21:36 for the 787-9. This is untested, but my numbers have been alright in the past. You have 134k kg (roughly) in non fuel weight, of which 14k is not the aircraft itself. So, when you empty out all your tanks, you will be 4% load. Essentially, you have 60% of load in fuel to play with. A rough average would be the 30% fuel burn, because despite being at slightly higher than 60 you will spend less time up there because fuel burns faster. So, my numbers have you burning 4535 kg/hour, meaning you can stay airborne for about 16 more hours .

However, you say you have 11:30 left. This means you’re burning 6420 kg/hour, 1300 kg/hour more than what my numbers say you should be and in this case you wouldn’t make it. I have no idea if the 787 has been changed since last summer but if not I believe my numbers are correct and I have no idea what is going on.


here, you have to look at the your fuel consuption:
If your F.F (fuel flow) has an average of 4.5T/HRS
Your flight time here is 15:45, (15.45 x 4.5) then you will need 84.430 T of fuel + a margin of final fuel of 2:30 hours left in reserve .
So + 9t that gives you a total of 93.500 Tons to concider for your Trip Fuel need in total
After all of this, at you discretion to reduce your weight in cargo and pax for the MTOW while keeping and eye on the MLW

Make sure that before you descent, youl will burn enough fuel past your below your MLW

Notes that your Fuel consuption at FL360 and at below 10 000fts are very different when you will arrive at destination

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yes, all depends on his fuel consuption I was thinking the same

I also don’t the numbers about the 787 below my eyes now soo, I just can give examples

I’m using numbers I got last year so they may be inaccurate, I no longer have a sub so I’m asking someone else to test it for me and see

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After confirming with @Altaria55, I’ve concluded that my numbers are accurate and with the exact specs you provided you should only be burning 5450 kg/hour which would put your fuel remaining at 13:35 ish. Not sure what the discrepancy is but I wish you luck.

What was the point of taxiing with one engine when you were going to refuel before taking off anyways?!

Just asking out of curiosity! ;)

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I’ve tried everything to replicate your fuel burn to the last detail that you’ve given and I can’t get anywhere near 6400 besides flying at MTOW

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Nah you have a point there lol 😭😭

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