Help with finding the best prices

If everything goes well, I will be able to visit Singapur this summer, and I am already looking for flights. But because I have never done this before I have a few questions:

  • which are the best sites to find fares?
  • I wanted to consider Business Class flights, however if I do a multistop and select business class it automatically selects business class for e.g. all 4 flights, but I only want it for 2. Is there a way to change it without having to book every leg alone?
  • Any other tips on how to find cheap business class fares?

Thanks for helping me, because I am really not as experienced as some of you are, since I have never flown long haul before. Thanks!

The IFC isn’t a place to help look for cheap fares. Why don’t you just use It’s what my mom uses most times.

Oh okay. Thought I saw someone getting helped with this before

Typically when you book a flight it’ll show you the legs and you can upgrade seating for specific legs.

I recommend using Travelocity and even simply search google xxx to xxx and I’m sure multiple traveling sites will come up. Then you get to decide what’s best for you.

Good luck and enjoy when you go!!


Nice to hear you’re visiting Singapore, looking forward to welcoming you here! However, travel restrictions here probably won’t be relaxed so soon, so you may be disappointed.

Google Flights is one of the best sites to use.

You can book each leg separately in this case.

But does this make it more expensive?

I have this now

Where can I upgrade certain legs?

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