Help with finding an Aircraft Registration

I few years ago I flew GLA-LGW-MCO, they was my first flights and I need help finding the tail number of the planes I flew. I’ve tried all over the place but only place I’ve found is Flightaware at a
eye watering $2500 total. If you need anymore info just let me know. Thank you!

BA2953, GLA-LGW, A319 or A320, 26 June 2017
BA2037, LGW-MCO, B772, 26 June 2017


It’s probably going to be very difficult to find that data for free online. Maybe send an e-mail or a message on Social Media to British Airways? I’m sure they’d be able to help you with that request!


@Luke_Sta get on this

This is going to be the issue. Not many flight trackers go back to 2017

Do you have the timings? Such as departure or landing?

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Hmm. I know data exceeds this date, and I also know requires a subscription, so I have another source, I’ll check it out.

@altaria55 thanks for the tag

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Alright, I found it, by using this app.

BA2953 was G-MIDT, A320
BA2037 was G-VIIR, 777-200ER



Thank you so much!

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No problem! If anyone else needs help with finding a reg, shoot me a message :)

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