Help with FAA test

I have great news! I’ve finished my Private Pilot Course from Sporty and next thing is to pass the FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Test😬🙂. I know many here are pretty advanced in aviation and if you could, I would like to hear some tips to prepare myself really well to pass the test. It’s been my dream since I was a toddler to become a pilot. Thanks and have a good day/night!


Hey Samuel

I’d recommend taking a peek at Sheppard Air. Unfortunately they do not directly offer Private knowledge test study materials; however, they’ve got two quick links to some resources that will allow you to study for the written. Its not until you start studying for Instrument that Sheppard Air becomes useful.

But definitely check out the Sporty’s practice test questions link as I think that’ll be your best point to start given you already went through Sporty’s for the ground course.


used Sheppard Air for everything Instrument to ATP and passed everything with a 92% or higher. If you don’t pass its money back guaranteed


There are pretty accurate study guides and practice tests available all over the internet. These are usually regularly updated with questions from recent FAA exams. I would also recommend the sportys private study app. Helped me out a lot. When it comes down to it, it’s mostly rote memorization. I’m sure you’ll do great.

Thanks! I’ll look into it!

Thanks! I saw the app on App Store (unfortunately it costs $15) but hopefully everything goes well! 🤞🏻

The one that I used was Prepware by ASA. It’s paid, but it’s very very comprehensive. They have an app too.

And Sheppard Air for all the other ratings/licenses.


Definitely recomend ASA for private(i personally prefer the book), SheppardAir is 100% legendary for everything else and I highly recommend it.

I wish you the best on when you take your PPL knowledge test

Also the FAA provides sample questions from each knowledge test bank, I’ve linked the private one below:


15 Dollars compared to what your PPL costs is nothing.

I would spend the extra money if that means I will definitely pass the test.

When I did my PPL I just used books to study for the test and oral.

It was the oral study guide.
Also, your CFI will have some practice tests and he’ll go over the answers with you.

There are also a couple of booklets with practice tests.

I know people that spend 100$ on a study guide because they work on memory muscle and basically just give you the answer and you’re guaranteed 90 percent.

However, i find it incredibly boring but if it helps you, sure.
Unfortunately I forgot the company’s name but they work and rely on you learning the answers off by heart.

I hope this helps :)

Also, prepare is quote good but they don’t give you the answers one to one.

of course the FAA also changes the answers a little but the basic knowledge is there


I’ve been using sportys for studying, and as of today I passed my FAA Written. Some questions are 100% the same on the practice tests as they are on the real test.

Good luck, you got this


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