Help with engine startup please

I can’t start my 777-300er engines. Everytime it gets to 18, it just stops. Anything I’m missing?? Please help

Check your weight. Maybe restart your device

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First check to make sure you have fuel.

Second it stops at the idle percent. You have to still apply thrust for it to go higher.


Try and take a video and put it into a google doc so we can see what you mean

It gets to 18 and drops back down? Or just stays at 18? Because if it stays at 18, then your engines are on

Drops back down. Helppp

Have you restarted your device?

Do what @ORDspotter, and we’ll try to help you

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Re-enter the scenery and let us know of it helps.

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I just saw the issue. There was no fuel. Thank you guys


Add the remaining fuel to the status bar at the button and take a screen shot.

Hahaha, have a good flight!

awesome dont forget to mark the solution

Can’t fly without fuel! :)

Don’t get a car. Unless it’s electric with solar cells on the roof.