Help with drop downs

Device: IPad 7th Gen
Operating system: 15.6.1

I’ve created an event and I need some help with the drop down.
I created terminal 1 gate assignments for my event and I created a drop down for it because there a quite a few gates. The problem is the gate assignments are displayed for terminal 1 when the drop down isn’t selected. Can someone please help me with this issue?

Here are a few screenshots of the issue

To the left of the image above is the draft information for Terminal 1

Above is the published view of the terminal 1 assignments, as you can see the drop down isn’t selected.

Above is the terminal 1 assignments with the drop down selected, the only difference is the route information at the top of the assignments.

Hey, move the [/details] to the bottom of all the assignments

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Ok thanks for the help!

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