Help with Discord

Hello, I’m having issues gaining full access to Discord. I’m a pro user and I’ve waited long enough to have full access but still nothing. I’ve joined following the steps and I still don’t have full access. Please help. Thank you.

Samsung Note20 5G
Latest Android version.

Have you tried to leaving discord and rejoin again? I just want to confirm that you’ve tried this.

Additionally it can take up to 24 hours to get the roles, if you waited over 24 hours and still didn’t get the roles. Feel free to contact IF discord moderator via IFC to request refresh your roles.

Usually it takes about 24 hours or more for the Bot to recognize this and put your role as a Pro Subscriber.

Yeah I’ve left and rejoined multiple times now and I’ve waited the 24hr period too. I’ll contact them. Thanks!


Have you tried disconnecting and reconnecting your discord to your app account?

Hey! Would you be able to DM me your Discord username? I’ll check this out for you.

@Captain_Vargas - the Discord account (General Rhaegar#8929) you have connected to your Infinite Flight account is not currently in the Discord server. You’ll need to join the server so we can refresh your roles so you can gain access to the channels.

Finally figured it out guys! I was able to gain full access now! Thank you all for the guidance!

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