Help with cruise in the B772 [KLAX - YSSY]

what is happening to IF?
currently doing a b777-200L delta from KLAX to YSSY
currently going 480 knts ground speed
but it said i will not have enough fuel to arrive YSSY
i had already bring FULL fuel
my callsign: delta 4 1 super
can anyone track me down or explain?

Any winds?

You may have headwinds. If you continue the flight the fuel will be alright.

headwinds 36 knts

If you have a 100% thrust set, you are currently burning a lot if fuel during your climb, therefore resulting in a calulation of not enough fuel.

Once you are crusing at 40% power, than you will have enough fuel

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As you burn off fuel and step climb along the long trip you will see changes in your fuel flow and estimated fuel left. Don’t panic 😉


Try changing altitudes

my thrust is at 90% .87 mach, the autopilot set it

Try reducing to M.85, that should help

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tried, from FL380 to 360 and now at FL380 again

oh, let me try thanks

Mach .87 is a bit much. Cruise around Mach .83. Mach .86 is typically that fastest cruise speed you’d see in the 777s

I would cruise at an altitude of 32000 for a few hours and as your weight reduces you can step climb to final cruise.

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i reduced the speed, thrust go down to 50%, than after the thrust is 90% again, lol

While at 50% did the fuel say you were ok for the rest of your trip?

maybe… i will just divert in auckland, haha

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YES, yes it say i have enough fuel when i am at 50%

Then you should be fine for the rest of your trip.

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Your fuel is in the red right now because you are heavy. As you continue to burn fuel your plane will get lighter and it will show you in the green


Fuel consumption calculates variables such as speed, vertical speed, altitude, pitch, distance to destination, ETE, and aircraft capacity. Physics that have been developed on certain aircraft will allow you control this. (Meaning: Dont worry about the fuel until you get closer. The closer you are to your destination, the more accurate your fuel calculation is. 777 Physics could use a bit of an update)

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