Help with coordinates to IF waypoints

Any idea how to put these coordinates and change it to IF waypoints?

314902N1174310W 531343N0004321E 530340N0010233E 530655N0011052E 531239N0010320E 531430N0005426E 531230N0003637E

Just need help to change coords to IF waypoints

Hey there! Please take up a read with this: How to Input GPS Coordinates to your FPL

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Tried it but this is a different version of coords I’m pretty sure

What website are these waypoints from?

Mhm skyvector

Unfortunately you can’t take a direct from SkyVector to IF, sometimes value are changed. You would have to manually enter the Latitude and Longitude for each point. (Or what @sqeezelemon did)

Who needs these tutorials when I already did the work for you

3149N/1174W 5313N/0043E 5303N/0010E 5306N/0011E 5312N/0010E 5314N/0005E 5312N/0003E

(but actually I suggest you check out the tutorial above, good stuff and next time try using , it uses simbrief for everything and changes everything to IF readable format automagically)


Thanks guys

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Flagged it for you. Hope you have good time flying in IF!

Yeah I was doing holds in IF for refueling but saw somebody with coordinates to map out the hold so just wanted to ask since skyvector is the only site I saw that you can make coordinates manually. Thanks.

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Did you use fpltoif to put the coords in or did you just put those in manually?

I did it manually, so that’s the reason you should use fpltoif. Plus you get more relevant flightplans and all the other flight info as a bonus

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