Help with Connecting to The Server

My infinite fly cant play online. . Ple help me …??

Have you tried checking the strength of your internet connection?

Did you purchase a subscription? Just gotta start with the basics :)
P.S. Please provide your device, OS and Infinite Flight version.


This is definitely not enough information.
Please check this.


Thanks for all
The infinity fligth geve me this message :

this version of the application is not configured for billing through google play . check the help center for more information

And my version is
And my
Phone Samsung

What i can do…??

Did there a new version or what …??

Seems like you need to update IF.

Is your device rooted? Where was the copy with that error downloaded from?

Yes my phone rooted
But i want any solution
Pls guys …

What is the update of IF and how i can do it …??

That’s most probably the problem, because your device is rooted.

There are more people have root and it work good … i think there are another problem. .??

Did there a new version of infinity fligth
Be cozy i use the version 16.12.0
Did there a new …??

Rooted devices aren’t supported if I’m not wrong

No, that’s the latest update.

How i can get the new update
Can hou help me …???

You have the newest update.

Rooted or Jailbroken devices are not supported.

Ha! It seems like this is always the problem 😂

Oh my …
I am very sad. .and i can’t deleted the root
In the future if any guy can help … be my guest
And …
Thanks for all …