Help with coding

I know you guys are such a great community, please do tell me if its in the wrong category. This is something to do with a project of mine for IF however I can’t really post about it due to it not being certified yet. I am some coding however when published to a site it doesn’t show the whole sheet properly. Any help would be muchly appreciated

Are you able to give any more specifics? Like what is not showing up?

Unless this is a VA you can post.

But this isn’t a coding forum so I don’t know how much people could help with.

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Certainly, the whole thing shows but as a square box and you have to move the side bars to view the rest of the sheet.

It’s do about one but I’m not posting about it

Do you mean sheet like spreadsheet?
(Does anyone no about any coders who can help out?)

Yeah a spreadsheet, a google spreedsheet.

What exactly do you mean by coding? Putting a spreadsheet onto a website with code? Or just editing the spreadsheet? Or something else?

Putting the sheet onto a website, which i’ve done but however the coding is showing it as a small square and you have to move around the box to see the rest of it

So you need help making the box that holds the spreadsheet larger?

Yes indeedy, I ain’t the best at coding only know basic but I figure which the great community we have someone surely would be able to help

I’m sure there is someone around who can help, I’m just not sure who…
What program are you using to create the website? Or are you coding the website from scratch?
If you could let us know what coding language you’re using, that would be great too.

I’m using weebly and the coding is in HTML

Are you using Weebly to present the spreadsheet or are you using HTML?


inseting html onto the weebly site builder to represent it.

EDIT: Google Spreadsheets gives me HTML coding to place onto the website to portray it

Sorry, I had to go for a few minutes.
I’ve used Weebly before. Let me get back on and take a look

No worries, take your time! Thanks for the help!

Is the spreadsheet something they will have to edit? Or view only?

It’ll be so they can view it only

@JamieArscott @racerclc - may i suggest taking this to PM? :)
It’s basically what it’s starting to look like here anyway :)

Don’t get me wrong, but having a topic for something we know and can’t know nothing about feels a bit odd.