Help With Axis Assignment

My favorite feature of 23.3 was the ability to assign a control axis to multiple functions. Specifically when 23.3 first came out, I had pitch and elevator trim both assigned to the pitch axis movement. This was extremely useful. However, it now only seems possible to have either pitch or elevator trim assigned to the pitch axis movement. Has something been changed in the past few days?

If it could be changed back to how it was when 23.3 first came out, that would be awesome. Better yet- if it is still possible and I’m just overlooking something, can someone explain how to assign both simultaneously again? Thanks in advance



When mapping an axis or button in IF for the second time, the first one gets deleted.

How were you able to map both Pitch and Elevator Trim to the same axis?

The first hotfix included some changes to do with game controllers and left/right rudder mappings, but as far as I know that didn’t change anything else.

To be honest, having Trim and Pitch mapped to the same control doesn’t seem to make sense.
There is a reason these are separate functions and therefore they need separate controls.

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