Help with ATC

Hi! Today i was at WIII doing pattern work with 3 almost parallel runways.ATC told me left traffic 7L,which is what i did.He then told me extend downwind cause of traffic, then said enter left downwind 7R so i turned left parallel to 7L and told me check the guide. What did i do wrong here?

Hi there!

Best thing is to contact the controller. Their name in game is also their @ name here. They’ll be happy to tell you why they gave you the instruction.

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Forgot his name😭

you can check in your replay

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Deleted for storage reasons :/

Here is a picture of an airport traffic pattern which might help to understand it:



If you turn left, it is left traffic. If you turn right, it is right traffic. Like this:




I was your controller at WIII, I will PM you thanks


It was a bit complicated with three parallel runways

Yes please explain