Help with ATC

So. I took off in a Q400 from Shanghai. About a minute after I lifted off the runway I was reported for incorrect inbound procedures. Was this a mistake on my part? The ATC told me before he reported that I was cleared to land on runway __ but I was flying VFR. I was not landing… Is this a mistake on his part or mine?

pm the act that ghosted you.


Your logbook will state the controller who reported you. Please PM them directly or reach out to a mod if you need help finding them.


I did. He’s controlling right now and I just want to see if I am just stupid or something.

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The controller will respond when they are done controlling.


Uhhh. Okay this did not help me at all. But thanks…

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just look in your logbook find that flight that says 1 report click on kt and message the controller who ghosted you on the community.

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Why not? If you contact the controller he can point out better than we what you did wrong, or if he made a mistake and the ghost should be reversed


I KNOW… I am asking for the last time if someone clears someone to land right after takeoff is that the controllers mistake.

yes it is. and don’t be rude the mods could suspend your account.

If you’re remaining in the patterns, it’s normal. Please keep it nice, we’re just trying to help!

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I’m going to go ahead and flag this as it seems pretty resolved:)

We don’t discuss Reports here in public.
We have another process for this