Help with ATC

So, i went into multiplayer, KHHR ATC in LA. Thought it’d be calm, since it’s a barely used airport, and I wanted to see the ATC commands and get used to them. When I dropped in, I started getting blasted with KLAX departures, although I was an entirely different airport. I was wondering if this is normal. If this should happen.

If anyone wants to train me for ATC. And. Have Discord, feel free to add me


I hope this isn’t the wrong section. I don’t want this getting removed.

Was it in Training Server? Because if it was, there is nothing we can do except ignore.

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To help you with the ATC, visit Infinite Flight’s Youtube channel to view the tutorials on how to use the ATC in many ways. Honestly I don’t have time to help you currently but I would. Also I do not have a discord. Hope this helps a little. :)

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This one’s a tough situation. Most training server pilots do not understand how to properly communicate with/ use ATC, and can be awkward for the ATC because of it. To get the hang of things, I would recommend opening something up farther away from the KLAX’s and the EGLL’s etc, just to get a good sense of what your working with. Something like KBOI, or KJAC should do the trick. Then, you can build up slowly yet surely, to the point where you feel comfortable controlling larger fields.

Also, feel free to shoot me a PM at any time regarding ATC, or any general questions you have about such. Would be happy to help, and will get back to you ASAP.

Cheers :)


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